New Blog for Me!

I’m so excited to begin this new blog!  I read lots of blogs (thanks to Google Reader), but have never had one of my own, so I look forward to learning all about blogging!  First order of business will be to get some photos posted.  Let’s see…

So, what the heck is that, you ask?  It’s my trusty throwing sponge, at the very bottom of the bucket I use when I throw pots.  I had looked high & low for that sponge.  It’s my favorite for throwing and I have only one like it.

Oh, I have other wonderful sponges, including 3 Mud Tools sponges that are great for finishing up my pots, but this one has almost been loved to death and I really should be looking for another like it.  It’s just limp enough and still holds tons of water when I use it to make the initial pulls on the walls of my pots.  And it’s just abrasive enough to get the slip off my hands when I need them relatively clean to pick up a pot.

Other sponges I’ve bought are  too stiff and thick and don’t hold enough water.  They’ve been delegated to sit prettily in a bowl with a cracked bottom that I used for a glaze experiment!


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