Trimming Lids – A Neat Trick

Had to trim a couple jars with lids last week that weren’t really quite dry enough, but I knew it would be several days before I’d get back in the studio and didn’t want to risk the jars and lids getting too dry. After trimming the bottom of the jar, I turned it right side up and placed a strip of newspaper across the rim.

(Those of you from MS will recognize this ad for the hospital my daughter is affiliated with.  Funny, I didn’t even notice the St. D ad until after I’d downloaded this photo onto my computer.  I would hazard a guess that this strip is from one of the MS newspapers my mom saved for me.

Then, I placed the lid on the rim as I normally do, upside down, and trimmed it.

The newspaper made it much easier to lift the trimmed lid from the jar and turn it right side up to finish drying.  This little trick worked so well that I know I’ll be using it again!


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