Back in the Studio

Three-day weekend!  Finally can get back in the studio!  The hardest thing about being an artist is not the working, working, working on your art, it’s the NOT being able to get into the studio that is hardest. Wanting to get into the studio and not being able to is MISERY!

This is what greeted me when I entered my studio tonight.

SOMEONE needs to do a little cleaning before jumping into the clay tomorrow.  So, the towels are washing and I’ll pull out my little shop vac first thing in the morning to spruce things up a bit.

I love my shop vac!  It’s great for cleaning clay dust from tables and floors and makes short work of cleaning up the kiln if you just happen to throw a slightly damp piece into the bisque firing.  For those who don’t know, a piece not bone dry will EXPLODE and make a huge mess in your kiln.  The shop vac gets all the dust & tiny pieces off your heating elements.  Excellent!

These shelves are actually totally bare now, but I hope to have them filled again by the end of the weekend.  Working on orders for angels, pitchers, bowls, and jars. Have several bisqued pieces to glaze – more than I can fit into one glaze firing. Well, actually, not so many pieces as just larger pieces, like this bowl.

I’m always nervous about glazing because there’s no way to tell what it will look like until you pull the piece out of the kiln.  So different from painting where what you see is what you get.

Anxious to experiment with texture and need to make more stamps of my own.  One of my next purchases will be a Steve Tool!  I love texture with simple glazes, like in this little bowl.


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