Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today was our 38th wedding anniversary!  Was looking at some old photos and couldn’t help but laugh at all the hairdo changes in the last 38 years.  I think you can say I’ve been from one extreme to the other. This is Danny & me in the Smokies about 5 yrs after we were married.  We had found out just a few days before this trip that we were pregnant with our daughter, Summer.

So, here we go with the hairdos poor Danny has had to put up with…..stop laughing!!!
Hippie Hair
College Grad Hair
School Teacher Hair (I promise no botox was used in the making of this photo)
Busy Mom Hair (now THAT was my real color, no time for bleaching)
Biker Chick Hair (before the ride)
Biker Chick Hair (after the ride)  Helmet Hair!
Grammy Hair
When we’ve had another 38, I’ll share those hairdos with you, too!  Love you, dear hubby!


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