My Creative Middle Sister

I was hoping to have some new pieces of pottery to show you by now, but my glaze tests just haven’t yielded the results I was hoping for, so my bisqued wares continue to sit prettily on the shelf, under plastic because I’ve already waxed them and wiped them down in preparation for glazing.

Instead of pottery photos, I thought I’d share some photos taken at events planned & catered by my creative middle sister.  I have been blessed with 2 creative sisters and a creative mom.  More about my baby sister and my mom in future posts.  Oh, and I have yet to share thoughts with you about my other amazing grandmother!

Back to my middle sister.  “Events By Design” is the business owned by middle sister, Glenda Alman, and her friend, Margaret Baggett.  I can’t believe how these 2 ladies make organizing so many types of events look easy, but I know how hard they work to make every event special.

Isn’t this beautiful?  I could place those exact same items on that exact same table & it would look all wrong.  Catering was NEVER my cup of tea, not when I was growing up with a catering mom and not now that I have a catering sister.  My brain just isn’t organized that way.

Just thinking of all the planning and cooking and coordinating and setting up and breaking down gives me a headache, but all these things come naturally to my sister.  She thrives on it.

Whether the occasion is formal…

or casual…..she never bats an eye.  I’m sure it helps that she works with a very dear friend.  Margaret and Glenda complement each other and that’s exactly as it should be.

These girls know that the tiniest details are important.  You need special lighting or staging or maybe a sound system for your event?  Well, Glenda’s husband, Buck, and her sons Buck and Dusty have their own lighting and sound businesses.  Yep, a great collaboration of talents in that family.  (Speaking of talents, the girl can also paint and sew and play handbells!)

Here’s an example of some of the delicious food they prepare and serve.

Isn’t this fruit beautifully presented?
Cheese, looking elegant and delicious.

If you have a celebration, a wedding, or any type of special event coming up, you should ring up my middle sister.  She can take a load off your shoulders.  You can contact her through my Facebook page or send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with her.  Love you, Middle Sis.

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