Does This Craft Project Resemble my Mother???

Have gotten a couple loads of pottery thrown and handbuilt in the last couple weeks – angels, bowls, spoonrests, and other misc pieces.  One load has been bisque fired and waxed and the other load is bisque firing now.  Hoping that load will be cool enough to take from the kiln tomorrow night so I can get it waxed and ready to begin glazing.

I know some of you have been waiting an eternity for ANGELS.  Surely hope this group comes from the glaze firing looking heavenly.  Thinking about leaving some of them unglazed and “raw”.  I kinda like the rustic, hand-crafted look.  Below are some that have already flown off to other homes, here, there & everywhere.

Check out this little craft project I’ve been working on while clay was drying and firing.  I’ve begun refurbishing her by adding the bird and wire to her hat and a few beads to her “legs”.  Hey, she’s a ladybug; she has legs, not arms.

Danny & I found this little ladybug lady at a neat store in Leeds AL.  Hate to call it a “junk store”, but it did have some pretty neat “junk”.  Lots of pieces that most people would call ugly, but a creative person would call treasure.  This little lady was in pretty rough shape, but she was only $1.00, so I had to bring her home.

 Besides, Danny said something about her reminded him of my mother.  I think it was the gray hair.  Mind you, he wasn’t saying my mother looks like “junk”.  Just wanted to clear that up…

See if you agree with him, that there is some resemblance.  This is a photo of Mom and her girls. Left to right: oldest girl Sharon (me), baby girl Melisa (with one “s” and pronounced Me-Lisa, not Me-Lissa), middle girl Glenda, and Mom.

So, do YOU think the ladybug lady resembles my mom???

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