Bikers With No Bikes…the ending of an era

Those of you who know Danny & me, know that we have been avid motorcyclists for many years, as evidenced by our Mississippi tags from back when.  When we moved to Alabama in 2006, we weren’t able to get these same personalized tags, but I’ve kept these as keepsakes because so many wonderful memories are associated with them.

It’s been a long time since we were bike-less, but as of last week, we became bikers with no bikes and it feels really odd.  Several factors led us to this point, from Danny’s bad knees to our separation during the week because Danny works in MS and I work in AL.  When you travel back & forth as much as we do and have 2 places to keep up, there just isn’t time for much more than working & sleeping.  Watching your bikes just sit in the garage isn’t quite as exciting as taking them for spin.

Our bikes certainly could tell some tales.  They faithfully carted us to some pretty awesome places…

like Yellowstone National Park.
The Falls from the Yellowstone River
The Yellowstone River, above the Falls
Danny & the geysers
And they took us through the absolutely gorgeous Bear Tooth Pass, north of Yellowstone.
Where we stopped to rest, near the entrance to the Pass
The highest point of the Pass

We’ve spent some nights in some very interesting places, like these cabins we finally found about 11:00 one night after riding hard all day and fighting crosswinds that made us feel as though we had ridden at a 45 degree angle to the road surface all day long.

We called these “The Cabins that Jack Built”

 Upon entering these cabins, we literally couldn’t stand up to take off our boots and socks because the floors were so slanted.  Next morning when we looked out the back window, we realized the back wall was shored up from one end to the other with loooong poles to keep the cabin from falling down a steep embankment!  Good thing it was dark when we got there the night before so at least we slept in ignorance of the situation!

Our bikes were also there when we visited…
The mighty redwoods of CA
The Pacific Ocean
The Grand Canyon
Santa Fe
Mt Rushmore
Four Corners
Danny & Sharon cropped
Danny & me in The Smokies
…and countless other wonderful places.

Traveling by bike is not about getting to the destination, it’s about the sights and sounds and smells and the conversations with old bikers when you stop for gas and eating nabs for lunch because that’s all there is at the lone store in the middle of nowhere.

 It’s about taking a chance on finding a room at night because you don’t know where you’ll end up at day’s end.

 It’s about riding on through the thunderstorms and the hailstorms and the snow and the heat because where you are, there is no shelter, nothing to come between you and raw Mother Nature, and stopping would be more dangerous than continuing your journey.

 It’s about the camaraderie with other bikers you meet on the road and knowing you are a part of a brotherhood like no other.

Mountain View, AR

So now we are bikers with no bikes, but bikers nonetheless.  A page has been turned.  An era has ended.  A new and exciting adventure begins.

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