Soup’s On!

Just as I thought it was getting to be “soup weather”, it turned warmer and we’ve had some beautiful days lately.  Not that I am complaining.  I don’t like cold weather.  I really, really don’t like cold weather, but I DO love soup, so I made a big ole pot anyway.

A great big pot of O’Charley’s Loaded Potato Soup,
with fresh chives and real bacon on top.
I found the recipe through a Google search.  Pretty basic – potatoes, half-and-half, cheese, onion, flour, salt, pepper.  Of course, I couldn’t follow the recipe verbatim.  We Southern girls can’t do that.  The recipe called for chopped onions just mixed into the other ingredients; I had to cook the onions a bit first, in “real” Amish rolled butter, until they were transparent.  Also added some of that same “real” butter to the pot of diced potatoes as they were cooking.  And the recipe called for Velveeta cheese.  No could do.  Had to use extra-sharp cheddar; Cabot is our favorite.
No, this soup is not low-calorie and to add insult to injury, with no crusty French bread in the house, I decided crackers just would not do for this soup.  This soup called for CORNBREAD!  Beings as I waited til the soup was almost done to decide this, there wasn’t time for cornbread to bake so I stirred up the batter and poured it into the skillet and by the time the soup was ready, I had…
pan bread!
A little more of that “real” Amish rolled butter on this cornbread and I had a feast that O’Charley himself would be proud of.  (Yes, I know that’s bad grammar; I got caught up in the moment.)

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