I Have the Bestest Friends and Family

Seems it’s been ages since I last posted to the blog and even longer since I had inventory for my Etsy shop.  Well, Christmas caught me totally off-guard with pottery orders and wine bottle trays and jewelry.  So much so that I didn’t even have time to photograph most pieces before they were sent on their merry way.  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

Next year, I’ll be better prepared and will have at least SOME inventory built up before the holiday season begins.  And I’ll have extra pieces on hand for those last-minute requests for gifts for Aunt Sally’s niece’s nephew’s cousin.  Right???  Right!!!  ( I hope…)
I said all that to say:  It was an awesome experience!  A great big
to my customers who believed in me even when I questioned my own sanity.
Thanks to my mom, Dolly, for being a superb “melted wine bottle tray” saleswoman!  Because of her, quite a few folks had something on which to park their cheese & crackers during their holiday gatherings.
Wine bottle trays, fresh from the kiln, before their copper wire & beads were added.
Thanks also to my awesome daughter, Summer, who has lugged pottery to her office several times and has sold most every piece she’s lugged there to the dear folks at Jackson Heart Clinic.  They have been some of my best customers and I appreciate their support.
To my dear hubby and studio helper, Danny, thank you not only for your support of my creative craziness, but also for spending your weekends helping out in the studio…
cutting and rolling slabs for freeform bowls…
weighing and balling up clay for mugs…
and not getting TOO upset when I take photos of you.
So, it’s back to work (at my “real” job) tomorrow and it’s back to work in the studio (at my “fun” job) tomorrow night.  Have to get the Etsy shop re-stocked!  So many new ideas swirling around in my head; I really should take time to write them out and come up with a plan of sorts. However, right now it’s late and 4:30 am will come early, so here’s wishing you all a good night and a very BLESSED New Year!

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