Watching Pottery Dry

Is it true that a watched pot never dries? Sometimes I think so, especially this time of year.  I have several pieces thrown and trimmed and am just waiting for them to dry so I can cook ’em up and glaze ’em.

Three hand-carved vases and one wonky vase.
Wonky vases “just happen” sometimes!
I went through my drying shelves tonight and turned some of the pots right side up so I could get a few photos for you.  Didn’t want you to wonder why I threw all my pots upside down.  Didn’t want you to think I’m odder than I really am, or that I’m some amazing potter who can throw upside down pots.
Just FYI – After trimming my pots, I often turn them upside down to finish drying.  During the first stage of drying (to the leather hard stage), the pots dry “top first”, as you can see in the above photo.  Turning them upside down after the top of the pot has hardened gives the thicker bottoms a chance to dry thoroughly.
A couple leaf jars and a vase
These are made using actual leaves rolled into the leather hard clay.  Although you can pull off the leaves once the pots are dry, there’s no need as the leaves will burn off when the pots are bisque fired.
I thought these stamped and carved jars and the swirl vase came out pretty well.  They’ve had a few days more drying time than the other pieces.
And what’s a load of pots without some mugs???

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