Flex Shaft and Fixture

What on earth is that contraption???

Why it’s my birthday present from Danny!  It’s called a flex shaft and can be used for all sorts of  jewelry making tasks – drilling, burnishing, polishing, grinding, etc.  It’s similar to a dremel tool, but with much more power and the motor is separated from the handpiece so it’s easier to work with. AND last weekend, Danny made this flex shaft fixture so I can now use both hands to hold a jewelry piece while polishing or otherwise using the flex shaft.  He used the instructions from Tom and Kay Benham’s article in the January/February issue of Lapidary Journal entitled “Custom Flex Shaft Fixture”.

I LOVE my new flex shaft and particularly the fixture made by my sweet hubby.  There’s nothing like using something that was handmade ‘specially for you, just because.  I love you, dear hubby.

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