Mexican Okra

Last weekend while Danny was here, I made chicken and dumplings…..the easy way…..with canned chicken and chicken broth…..and dumplings made using my super-simple biscuit recipe (twice as much milk as oil plus enough flour to make a dough thick enough to handle).

Although we also had peas and corn on the cob, we needed a little extra ZIP, so I fried up a batch of Mexican Okra.  Now, I rarely fry anything these days, but Mexican Okra MUST be fried.  Besides, it’s an easy-peasy dish to prepare and it adds a little extra fire to the meal.

Start with jalapeno slices similar to these.


Toss them with a little cornmeal.


Now, into a skillet of hot oil and cook them until they turn your favorite shade of brown.  Drain them on a paper towel and grab a big glass of sweet tea before digging in!



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