Stained Glass Happenings

Last Saturday, I wrapped up a 5-week copper foil class at Buck Creek Stained Glass in Helena, AL.  You can see a couple photos from the class here.  From the looks of those photos, we were REALLY concentrating on learning some new techniques.  A big shoutout to my classmates Peggy, Dana, Jerri, and Kat (sorry if I misspelled any names) and to Buck Creek owner/artist/instructor David.

Anyone interested in taking stained glass classes should absolutely sign up soon at Buck Creek.  Classes will fill quickly!

This was the neat class project we all completed.

This is one of my earlier pieces (not from this class), using lead instead of copper foil.

And now, I have it in my mind that I’ll attempt this beautiful angel project next, at the request of a dear, sweet friend who brought this photo and asked if I’d make her one like her sister’s.  (Receiving no compensation for this, so no problems with using someone else’s design.)

She brought the photo several months ago and I kept putting it off because

(1)  I had never really set up my stained glass tools since moving to Alabama 4 years ago;

(2)  Having never done a free-form stained glass piece, I had no idea how to finish off the edges nor how to ensure it would hang properly without pulling apart;

(3)  I had been crazy busy trying to get my pottery “out there” for folks to buy and had precious little time to do even that.

But, the time is now and I’m ready to tackle the angel.  I’ve drawn off the pattern, prepped the pattern pieces,

and have begun cutting out her beautiful glass robe.

We shall see where this will end.  Hoping, hoping, hoping it will end with a lovely stained glass angel, ready to hang in my friend’s home.


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