Triumph and Tragedy

OK, so it was a very small tragedy, well, not really even a tragedy, maybe more an incident.  Anyway, it forced me to change my plans for the 3-day Memorial Day weekend.  I had big plans to throw lots of pots so as to get my Etsy shop re-stocked, but that was not to be, at least for now.  I also have requests from 4-5 folks for specific pieces and I have a couple donations I promised and I need those in a couple weeks.  If I don’t throw them this weekend, they won’t have time to dry! First thing yesterday morning, I decided to pull out the pug mill, take it apart, and clean it up so I could use it to pug my newest favorite clay, Standard 378.  Quite a lot of my old favorite clay, Standard 225, was still in the pug mill, so it had to be dismantled and cleaned before I started with a different clay.

 Took awhile to get this thing apart because of the old clay still in it that was preventing the housing from coming off easily, but finally it was stripped down to the augers and they were scraped clean.  I took the outer housings outside and sprayed them down with my trusty jet spray hose nozzle.  Then a quick brushing with Danny’s big brush he uses for washing his truck, and they were good to go.  (Yes dear, I rinsed the brush very well so the grit from the clay won’t scratch your truck next time you wash it. <wink, wink>)

All was clean and ready to re-assemble.  Things were going well…..then “the incident” happened. I reached up to brush off the area where the housing was to sit, to rid it of any residual grit, and 2 sweet little metal burs caught the palm of my hand and ripped a couple strips of my skin right off.  Not deep cuts; no stitches required.  Just the removal of enough skin that I knew I wouldn’t be throwing pots this weekend and grinding all sorts of grit and grime into the cuts. Yes, I could gauze up my hand and go into town searching for some tight-fitting surgical gloves, but no, I have stained glass and metal and beads to work with, so I’ll give the cuts 2-3 days and see how they look then.  After a thorough washing and a slathering of Neosporin, I got back to work and finished up the pug.  Wow, does it look clean!

 I did go ahead and pug my clay so it sits ready to use when I get back to it in a few days.

In the meantime, the drying shelves are still a bit bare as all I have there for now are a few mugs and some spoon rests. Hopefully, that will change really soon!


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