Estate Sale Finds

Last weekend while Danny was here, we decided to hit a couple estate sales and came across some pretty neat treasures.  As we were poking around in some old tools, Danny pulled out a plastic bag containing some fairly large chandelier crystals.  They were a bit grungy, but beautiful.  Look how they sparkle now that I’ve cleaned them up.

I really haven’t a clue yet as to how I’ll use these beauties.  If nothing else, I’ll string them up and hang them in my kitchen window just to watch them sparkle.

In another box of old tools, I scrounged up this buttonhook.  At least that’s what I believe it to be.  The handle appears to be Bakelite with a nice little design.  I cleaned it up as best I could.  The handle is in very good condition, but the hook portion is quite rusted.  Still, I like it a lot and have laid it neatly amongst my tweezers, picks, and other handy dandy tools.

Oh, we also made it home with a great iron skillet just the right size for cornbread at our MS place and a very sturdy handmade router table with the router still attached.  At checkout, the sellers said they didn’t know the router was still attached to the table when they priced it.  Lucky us!

Danny brought home a small plastic hanging unit with tilt-out drawers that will be perfect for storing small odds and ends and a brand new “squirrel cage” blower that he will install in my spray booth to pull glaze particles to the outside while I’m spraying glaze on pottery.

The grand total for the day?  About $30!  A great estate sale day.  I’m ready to go again!

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