Format Change (Argh!)

I’ve spent all morning trying to figure out why my blog’s appearance changed so drastically last night when I updated it.  I got the message that a new update was available and hit the Update button, just as I had many times before.

For some reason this update took away my header and my sidebars!  The info was still there, behind the scenes; it just wouldn’t show up.  Posted a message to the WordPress forums last night, but no response yet and I saw where some folks had been waiting over a week and still didn’t have answers, SO…

with these little angels looking over my shoulder, I decided to just change the whole theme so I could at least get the blog back up and running.  Still have some tweaking to do on fonts and such and may even change the whole theme again once I have time to see how this one will behave.

Right now I must run get dressed for my Leaf Pendant Class given by Michael Johnson at Cosmic Folklore Studio.  Michael’s studio is located inside Lora Lunsford’s The Bead Biz in beautiful Old Town Helena AL.  Some lovely, talented folks!

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