Fun With New Stained Glass Class

Back in March/April of this year I took a great 5-week Introduction to Copper Foil class at Buck Creek Stained Glass in beautiful Helena AL.  Here you can see the post and the photo of the project I completed.  In the Intro class, we were all given the same design and, basically, the same glass to work with. We were introduced to lots of new techniques and had fun learning together.

The Intro class was so much fun that I decided to move on to the Intermediate Copper Foil class that started last week.  For this class we were allowed to choose the patterns for our 2 projects, one of which will have a mirrored background.  These pieces will be significantly larger than the Intro project, around 2′ x 3′ or thereabouts.

For my first project, I chose these tulips (with some minor changes) from one of my pattern books

and added some borders, like so.

 Danny was here in AL this past weekend and helped with the grinding.  He had carpal tunnel surgery on his left hand (and he’s a lefty) last week, so he had to be careful not to overdo it.  So far, we’ve progressed on to this

and then to this.

With instructor David’s approval, I’m moving on now to cleaning the pieces in preparation for foiling.  Hopefully, tomorrow night when I come in from work, the pieces will be all dry and ready to foil.  Excited to get moving!

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