UFOs – Unfinished Objects

On leave today to take care of a couple dr appts and had about an hour to kill before I had to start getting ready.  Not quite enough time to get back into the soldering on my stained glass piece, so thought I’d tackle one of the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in my knitting basket.  I started these socks last winter and finished the cuffs, then got busy on other projects.

It’s time to finish the socks!  I’m using a great yarn, Berroco Sox, in self-striping blues and greens and Knit Picks 32″ circular Harmony needles. LOVE my Harmony needles and this yarn is wonderful. The cuffs are done on size 2 needles in a basic K2P1 rib.  For the foot of the sock, I switched to size 1 needles and began the heel flap.  I have 2 pairs of both size 1’s and size 2’s because I like to work both socks simultaneously, from 2 separate balls of yarn.  That way, I don’t worry about second sock syndrome as both socks are completed at about the same time and they are identical.

Time to get dressed and head out for my appointments.  Not a fun day today, but at least it started off well – with knitting!

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