Bad Firing – Bummer

I know most potters have experienced that gut-wrenching feeling brought on by a whole kiln load of pots coming out all crazy and wonky.  I had this all-too-familiar feeling come a-calling the other day for the first time in a long time.  What a mess of glaze crawling.

The pots were wiped down well before glazing, same as always.  The glazes were the same ones I’ve used, with no problems, for the last couple years.  The glazes had been newly sieved.  Nothing new in this batch; no experiments conducted.  The only thing we could figure was maybe the glazes were too thick.

Before the next batch, I added a bit of water to all the glazes.  Another three weeks of throwing and drying and bisque firing, then a long 2 days of waiting for the kiln to fire and cool, but what a wonderful sight to see that most all pieces in this firing came out beautifully.

Now to take the time to measure and record the specific gravity of my glazes, then to be consistent about checking the specific gravity before glazing.  The kiln is firing again tonight.  Toes and fingers crossed that we will be smiling while unloading this batch!

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