The Drying Shelves are Full

We had a wonderfully productive time in the pottery studio this weekend.  Inventory has been almost non-existent the last couple months and things have finally settled a bit so we can spend some serious time building up inventory for Christmas orders.  Thanks to Danny for cutting out many, many angels so I was able to start right in to putting them together.

He also had many, many balls of clay prepared and waiting to be thrown, so all I had to do was sit down and begin throwing.  How wonderful!  The drying shelves are now filled with

yarn bowls and serving bowls and vases…

and more bowls and mugs and casseroles.

Once the shelves were filled, the glazing table became a drying table and soon the little angels were overseeing the drying of many, many spoon rests.

Danny and I even had some time to experiment with some slab rolling.  We’ll just have to wait and see if those pieces dry without cracking.  I even played around with making some pendants and charms from one of the slabs Danny rolled.  I’ll post photos of the jewelry and slab pieces in a day or two.


 A 4-day work week this week as we celebrate Veterans Day on Friday.  A special thank you to our son and to all veterans who selflessly served in our stead.

God bless.

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