We had a wonderful time in Mississippi over the Thanksgiving holidays. For the first time in awhile, we were able to spend quite a bit of time with the kids and the grandkids, which was nice. It’s never enough, but we take what we can get. I’m not the greatest at taking photos while we all are together.  Aside from the fact that my little ones (5 grandkids) seldom are still long enough to even snap a digital photo (with the inevitable delay), seems I’m always busy either preparing food or eating or washing dishes during the holiday get-togethers.  I must really get better at stopping to take photos before they’re all grown up and I’ve missed the opportunity. This is one photo I sneaked in on one of our many trips across the pasture with the 4 grand-boys.  Bascom and Jude walked back home holding hands.  So sweet.

Bascom and Jude, Buddies

The grandkids have gotten old enough now that they prefer walking across the pasture to staying in the back yard.  Danny’s shed where he keeps his tractor, trailer, lawnmower and utility vehicle is on the other side of the pasture and they love to play there.  I think just the walk over is an adventure, too, and they are no sooner back to the house than they are turning around and walking back to the shed.  The 4 older kids can make the treks with no adult supervision, but when little Jude, who is 21 months, wants to follow, one of the adults must tag along.  Suffice it to say, Grammy walked off every pound gained by the consumption of those 2 huge Thanksgiving feasts she ate.  Yes, she was one tired Grammy, but a happy one knowing that her little family enjoys so much just being together.

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