Christmas is a-Comin!

The end of another busy, busy weekend.  Have kept the Post Office hoppin’ the last 2 weeks shipping pottery all over the country.  Yay!  My first “real” Christmas season actively promoting and selling my pottery and I’m encouraged by the positive responses from customers and excited about inquiries regarding future orders.  Couldn’t have done it without my favorite studio helper, Danny, who prepared clay and did all sorts of chores around the studio and the house to give me time to make and market pots.  The boy even learned to make cornbread and I’m here to tell ya, it was GOOD! I’ve tried not to work Danny TOO hard.  He did take a couple breaks to sit in his recliner and pick out some pecans his sweet sister, Brenda, gave us.  Mind you, these were pecans already gathered and cracked.  How wonderful is that?  We’ve really been enjoying them the last several days.

I’ve decided I’ll be exploring canisters and teapots in the coming year.  This little fella sold today and I kinda hated to see it go.  Something about it just sits well with me.  All the reason to make more, I say.

Have plans also to delve into the mystical world of glaze development and come up with a few glazes of my own, particularly something in a nice red, that elusive color that so often escapes potters who fire in electric kilns.  Reds often require firing in a reduction atmosphere, such as in a gas kiln, not the oxygen-rich atmosphere of an electric kiln. Have explored this a bit already and have been bitten by the bug.  Playing with all sorts of raw materials and seeing how they react with each other just appeals to me.  I always liked science anyway, so a good way to combine science and craft.  Will have to throw a little math in there, percentages and conversions, but that’s where Danny comes in – he does the math, I do the craft.  That’s why we’re a team!


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