Back Home and Catching Up

Made it back to Alabama last night after a week in Mississippi for Christmas.  Lots of visiting and eating and running around, some grocery shopping and cooking, then some babysitting with our little 22-mo-old Jude who had his tonsils removed last Tuesday.  He came through like a trooper.  A typical whirlwind holiday visit, as I’m sure lots of you experienced, too.

Had the kids and grandkids over for lunch on Christmas Eve.  Was wonderful to see them all and have time to visit without someone needing to run off in a different direction.  Those grandkids are growing like weeds.  In case I haven’t mentioned it, I have the best kids and grandkids in the whole wide world!  Love all my babies.

Spent Christmas Day with Danny’s family at his sister’s house.  We grazed all afternoon, even after consuming way too much at the noon meal.  Phil pulled out the VCR and we watched some old VHS tapes, trying to determine if we had something that needs to be put onto DVDs.  Some good memories shared, some laughs and some tears.  Thanks, Brenda and Phil, for allowing the gang to congregate at your house on holidays!

Visited my side of the family the Monday after Christmas and was glad to see my sister, Melisa (who was visiting from Thailand), and her 3 kids.  Her oldest son, James, gave me (GAVE me, for FREE) his Wacom Bamboo tablet that he was no longer using.  Awesome!  Can’t wait to play with it.

My mom was feeling a bit under the weather and is scheduled for some GI tests next Tuesday.  Hoping the doctor will find the problem and have her on the mend in short order.  Odd to see her puny as she’s usually a bundle of energy, never still.

Spent the day today catching up on business odds and ends.  Got the Etsy shop activated again, albeit with VERY few pieces of pottery.  Updated the business cards to include Danny’s name and printed new ones.  Completed an application and printed some photos for a juried craft show that will be held at Tannehill State Park, just a mile from our house, next September.  If we’re accepted, we’ll have to do some research on what is needed to set up at an outdoor show and work like crazy to get some inventory built up.

So looking forward to 2012!  Can already hear the neighbor kids shooting fireworks, readying to welcome the New Year.  Our sweet little next-door neighbor girl came by earlier to ask if we would be disturbed if they shot fireworks tonight at their New Year’s Eve party.  Why certainly not!  We all need a few fireworks in our life, right?

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