Fresh Supplies and Fresh Pots

After a whirlwind Christmas season, I was left with only 5 pieces in the Etsy shop.  Yikes!  I had decided in mid-November to really promote the shop and was able, with Danny’s help, to get 40-some-odd pieces posted initially.  Although we worked on pieces right up to Christmas, we just couldn’t get ahead and on top of that, supplies were getting low. Well, Christmas break is over and we’ve made a trip to Atlanta for supplies, so we’re working hard to re-stock.  Made this set of canisters, with a hole drilled in the tops for some sort of hardware to be added after glazing.

Here is the first batch of mugs, still upside down and drying.  Most of these have thumb rests added to the handles.  We’ll see how these feel in the hand once they’re glazed and fired.  I really like the way they look.  Threw a couple serving bowls, some salsa bowls, a casserole, and a yarn bowl.


Hey, tomorrow is Friday and Monday is a holiday for me, so looking forward to a productive 3-day weekend.  We’ll have that Etsy shop restocked before you know it! We’ll be cranking up the heat in the studio, cranking up some music on the radio, cranking up the wheel, and cranking OUT some pots!

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