On a Painting Tangent

Taking a break from pottery today to attend Kellie Newsome’s one-day Vibrant Portraits Workshop at Alabama Art Supply.


It has been years since I painted.  Not at all sure why I haven’t gotten back to it before now.  One day I stashed away my brushes and palette knives and paints and my water buckets and palettes and papers and canvases, thinking at the time that I would be right back in a day or two to begin again.

Now, 25 years later, I’m wondering where the time has gone and why I haven’t, before now, caved to my yearnings to return to my brushes.  Life happens, I suppose, and I can only say that mine has been filled with love and joy and blessings beyond measure. No complaints here.

So I take a little trek off the beaten path today to attend what looks to be a fun and color-filled workshop. Looking forward to the smells of paint and to the camaraderie of fellow artists who, perhaps like me, have been away too long.  Will be a fun day with or without a finished product.  It’s the journey, you know, that counts.


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