Handmade Deer Tail Brushes

Artisans love handmade tools.  Creating handmade items using handmade tools is just the best.  While I’ve been making pottery, Danny has been experimenting with handmade brushes made from whitetail deer hair.  Thanks to nephew Tracy for providing the deer tails!

Buffing the handles up a bit.


So far, I’ve only tried these brushes using water on newspaper, but they feel really good, hold loads of liquid, and come to an awesome, sharp point.  Can’t wait to try them with some oxides and some slip. These have bamboo handles…


and these have deer horn handles, cut from some horns Danny found in a creek.  Did you know that deer horn smells really nasty when it’s cut with a saw?  I’m here to tell ya, it does.  I think a little sanding would make these look as good as they feel.


All that’s left now is to get some pots thrown so I can experiment with my new brushes.  Thank you, dear hubby!


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