Berroco Sox Finished

Finally finished “the socks”, as mentioned in my last post.  For quite some time they’ve been my take-along project when I needed something to keep my hands busy on trips to Mississippi.  I love these socks so much that I put them on tonight just to sit on the couch and work on my punchneedle project.

You just can’t beat wool handknit socks.




On long car rides I hate just sitting and twiddling my thumbs, so I keep a couple simple knitting projects on the needles so as to have something to grab as I’m running out the door.  My favorite take-along projects are socks and dishcloths, something I can knit while carrying on a conversation with Danny the Driver.  You’d think after almost 40 years of marriage we would long ago have run out of things to talk about, but no, there’s always something to discuss…..and always something to knit.


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