Made My First Teapot

What is it about pottery with lids and handles that fascinates people?  I haven’t a clue, but I know those are the pieces that get the most attention, both in my Etsy shop and at the craft shows we’ve been doing.

I keep thinking I should make some sort of funny little surprise for folks who come by and pick up every lid in the display.  Mind you, I don’t mind at all that they pick up the lids.  I even have placards placed on my tables saying “Feel Free to Touch!”.  I believe if I can just get customers to touch or pick up a piece, they’re more likely to take it home with them.  If handles and lids are what folks like, then I’ll certainly be glad to oblige them!

For a long time I’ve wanted to try throwing and assembling a teapot (something with handles AND a lid).  I’ve watched videos on YouTube and read everything I could find on making a functional teapot.  My favorite book on the subject is Robin Hopper’s “Functional Pottery“.  Well, I finally got up the gumption to try one for myself and it was fun!  Teapots come in every shape you can imagine and I decided to start with a simple round one.


Bird Teapot cropped


I originally had planned to leave the lid simple and flat, but then I got the crazy notion to try making a little bird for a knob.  I thought the bird came out pretty well, so I carved out its insides, made a little hole in the lid, and perched it right on top.

Now waiting to see if the teapot will, in fact, function properly.  Fingers and toes crossed that it makes through the drying stage and 2 firings without falling apart.  If it does, I see many more teapots in my future…

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