Progress in the Studio

Has been a loooong 2 weeks spent cleaning and rearranging the studio and garage.  We recently happened upon someone wanting to sell their pottery studio equipment and supplies and the price was just too good to pass up.  Included in the equipment was an L&L Easy-Fire kiln, which is a bit larger than my Evenheat kiln.  Bringing home another kiln meant something had to go to make room for it and wiring had to be run.  We had already discussed moving the Evenheat near a window for easier venting, so we decided it was time to pull everything out into the garage and rearrange the whole studio to make it more production friendly. First, the kilns were moved to the area near a window. They both are now wired and ready to go.

photo 3 copy


Christmas decorations and stored housewares were culled and whittled down.  They now take up 2 shelves instead of 6 and I moved the glass kiln and metalworking tools to this area…hey, is that an empty shelf down there???

photo 7


The metalworking tools are now near the stained glass workspace. I’ve been wanting to experiment with some projects incorporating copper and stained glass.  This arrangement will make that lots easier.  That wonderful new 4′ x 8′ worktable is compliments of my son, Chance.  Ready to start a new project now.  Wait, is that MORE bare shelves I see???

photo 8


The glazing area was moved to the front of the studio, closer to the outdoors and to water.  See all those Coyote and Stone Mountain and Amaco glazes on the top shelf?  All but 3-4 jars were a part of the studio buyout.  I don’t use brush-on glazes, so not sure what I’ll do with these, but I see some serious glaze testing in my future.

photo 4 copy


Next to the glazing area is the glaze mixing area, where all the raw materials are neatly labeled and arranged.  The clay is now near the table where Danny likes to sit while balling it up and it’s also near the slab roller, which makes perfect sense.

photo 5 copy


And lastly, the wheel throwing part of the studio was cleaned and tidied.  Well, it WAS clean and tidy until I started another round of throwing yesterday.

photo 6


But look what that round of throwing produced!

photo 9


Finally, progress is being made.  Orders are being filled and inventory is being built for the next Trade Days at Tannehill State Park.  I need to be starting on Christmas pieces, too!  Danny will be glad that I’m going back to work tomorrow so he can get some much needed rest.  Thanks for all your help, Danny ‘Mar!

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