Festival in the Pines

We had a wonderful time this weekend vending at Festival in the Pines at Tannehill State Park, McCalla AL, about 1.5 miles from our house!  Nothing like doing a show “right down the road”.


                       The early morning light breaks beautifully through the tall Tannehill pines.

First order of business, set out the chocolate!


                        Friendly little ghosts amongst the pumpkins, watching over the chocolate.

 One corner set up; only 3 more to go…

Festival in the Pines

        These old fruit crates I found at Trade Days last weekend are perfect for displaying my mugs

I’m not sure if this was the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd arrangement, but the booth changed all during the weekend as pieces were purchased (Yay!) and I moved things around to fill in the bare spots.  One of the lidded casseroles was purchased by a lovely gentlemen from Israel who asked if we could wrap it well in bubble wrap so it would withstand the plane ride home.  And I pulled 2 mugs to mail to a customer in Gibraltar.  How exciting to think that pieces we make are being loved and used all over the world.


                        One of the ever changing arrangements over the course of the weekend

So, I forgot to print out a sign for the personalized mugs before I left home.  Made do with a handwritten one.  Customers didn’t seem to mind.


                                                   The personalized mugs were a big hit!

We met some incredible fellow artists and craftsmen this weekend.  Hope this will be the beginning of some long-term friendships as we run into them at future shows.  The goods are on display, but the people are what make a show a success.  So looking forward to the 2013 Festival in the Pines next September 27-29!


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