Productive Days

A productive couple of days in the studio has yielded pieces for over half our orders and some extra pieces for Arts and Music on the Green and for Tannehill Trade Days.  Note the differences in the colors of the clays at various stages of drying.  These are from only 2 different clays – a medium brown (Standard 378) in front and a black (Black Raven) in back.  This was my first time throwing with the Black Raven.  It was very similar to the 378 and I really want to use it for teapots soon.



Check out this custom butter dish for a customer who likes to have butter on the table during meals.  It will be glazed in a turquoise glaze.

Bird Butter Dish


Several personalized mug orders were knocked out.  Love the names on these.


Almost time for bed.  Tired, but it’s that good kind of tired that comes from working hard at something you love.  Can’t wait to start the next round of throwing and handbuilding while these pieces are drying.  Let the next rotation begin!

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