More Raku Experiments

Have been working like a mad woman to throw lots of pots for more Raku experimenting.  We have shows the next 2 weekends, but after that we hope to get in some serious Raku time.  Don’t want to run out of pots when we finally find the time for testing.

Haven’t taken time to set up the photo tent for a serious photo session with the Raku we’ve done already, but snapped a few of the smaller pieces with my iPhone.  The last firing we did was finishing up just at dusk dark and the kiln was emitting an orangey glow.



While playing around with Red Bronze Glaze, we came up with these results.  Hoping we can replicate the results next time around, but with Raku, you just never know.

IMG_0112_edited-1 IMG_0116_edited-1


This piece was glazed with a Turquoise Crackle containing Copper Carbonate.  I think we over-did the reduction, which caused the lean toward red, but I like the result anyway.

Turquoise Crackle


Have some Copper Matte pieces, too, but haven’t taken photos of them yet.  Stay tuned!


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