Habanero Pepper Sauce

Made a jar of pepper sauce today with some beautiful habanero peppers my mom gave me while we were in MS last weekend.


Love chopping food with my Ulu my sister Glenda gave me some time ago.  I normally would use my wood cutting board, but I didn’t want to have habanero embedded in my cutting board, so I just used a saucer.  This pepper is H-O-T, folks.

I sliced through each pepper once and put them into a quart canning jar.  Then I covered the peppers with white vinegar, added just a touch of canola oil, and popped the jar, sans lid, into the microwave for about 5 minutes.  I have no idea if the oil is necessary, but that’s the way my mom showed me once long ago and that’s the way I’ve done it all these years.  Something about the oil draws out the hot in the peppers.

Aren’t the colors pretty?


Once cooled, I put on the lid and popped the jar into the fridge to “steep” for a few days.  Can’t wait to try it on some turnip greens or peas in the near future.


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