Back to the Drawing Board

Have been so busy the last few months that I’ve only passed through the upstairs studio, grabbing this or that and laying down one thing or another on the table instead of putting it away where it belongs.  It was a mess!

Finally took time recently while I was off work to put things back in place and to clean off my table so I can get back to some drawing and painting.


I uncovered a sketchbook with lots of yet to be filled pages and pulled out my old, old Winsor & Newton pan watercolors.  I don’t think they even make this particular box any more.  I bought it when I was in college and I graduated in Dec 1989.  That gives you some idea how old it is.  It’s been refilled a few times over the years and is still going strong.

I even found my box of Ebony pencils and my white plastic eraser.  I love Ebony pencils.


Now I have no excuse not to sketch.  I even found one of my small sketchbooks I can stick in my purse. Some women love shoes and clothes…..I love sketchbooks and art supplies!

Will be hard starting up because it’s been years since I sketched with any regularity.  Not since college, as a matter of fact.  Just getting started is the hard part.  I know this is the only way to take my art (and my pottery) to the next level.  Let the sketching begin!


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