Pottery Jewelry Components

Danny & I have been experimenting with making some pottery jewelry components.  It’s been fun trying out new shapes and seeing how the different glaze treatments look on them.

We first tried some copper matte raku.  The first firing came out pretty good, but the second round was disappointing, mostly black & brown.  Copper matte is so finicky.  Not sure it will be commercially viable for jewelry.  The low success rate combined with the fact that each good piece needs a coat or two of sealer may mean these pieces would require too high a price point.  We’ll give it another go later down the road.


The red bronze glaze proved to be more green than red, but the bronze highlights were really pretty.  Hard to capture the mirror-like surfaces in a photo.


The white crackle raku pieces also were pretty neat.  We were hoping for a smaller crackle pattern, but were happy with these.  This crackle looks great on larger pots, but for the jewelry I’ll be surfing the web for a recipe that produces a finer crackle pattern.

White Crackle

Next round of jewelry components will be glazed and fired in the electric kiln.  Stay tuned for more experiments.

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