Dry Brushing Raku Jewlery

When firing Raku, we have many pieces that just don’t come out as planned, especially with the jewelry pieces.  Because jewelry pieces are small and we fire so many pieces per firing, when there is a bad firing, that means many bad pieces.  I think even the bad pieces still have something interesting about them, so I’ve been trying to think of a way to make these pieces more appealing and beautiful.

Raku misfire

Many years ago my mom showed me how to dry brush ceramic Old World Santas using acrylic craft paints.  I loved this technique and decided to try a version of it on the misfired Raku pieces.  I had nothing to lose and already had acrylic paint, so I pulled out my paints and brushes and set to work.

Because the pieces were already very dark brown and black, I didn’t need the usual coat of dark undercoating used in traditional dry brush work.  These pieces went from being totally black/brown to coming to life with color with just a few swipes of the brush.

Raku redone

Pretty neat and lots of fun.  I think I’ll do more!


One thought on “Dry Brushing Raku Jewlery

  1. Kathie Condon

    Love these Sharon. I especially like the Santa and the pendant with the 3 holes. You need to sell those on your web site.


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