Garden Bells

I’ve wanted to try making garden bells for quite some time and finally got a chance to do some experimenting.  I rolled out some stoneware clay, textured it and formed various sized bells.  Then, using scraps from the bells, I made little birds and owls and some beads to use as components.  This was fun!

Because of the thickness of some of the components, I allowed 2 weeks drying time before the bisque firing.  Then it was time to try out some of the brushable Coyote glazes I acquired when I purchased the studio inventory from a potter going out of business.  I normally dip my pieces in glazes, so brushing on was a new experience.

All the jars of glaze on the top shelf were practically free.  Garden bells seemed a good project for trying them out.

photo 4


Got all the bells put together and I’m thrilled with the results.  They each have a different sound and personality.  I’ll definitely be making more of these.

You can find these and more in my Etsy shop here.

Garden Bell Collage



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