Socks Are A-Soakin’

Finished 3 pairs of socks since Christmas!  Yay!  Granted, one pair was a “found” WIP (Work In Progress, for you non-knitters) I came across while cleaning out my yarn stash.  Both socks for that pair had been almost completed when I realized the foot portions were too short and I abandoned them instead of frogging (ripping out) the toe stitches and adding some rows.

Thankfully, they were cuff down socks, which I rarely make, so the fix was easy once I picked them back up and finished them.  I love them!  So glad I found them and spent the time to fix them.

Opal 2150 Socks Finished


Now, all 3 pairs are having a soak in warm water and wool wash so they can be clean and ready to wear.  I love the smell of wet wool and wool wash.

Soaking Socks


Now, to decide whether to start another pair of socks or some other project…

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