Knitting New Socks

We’ve spent the last 3 weekends packing and hauling non-essential items to storage in Mississippi, in preparation for moving home when I retire next February.  While I’m still working full-time, we decided it would be an easier to pack and haul a little along.  We’ve made great progress and now have the Alabama house on the market.  Yep, getting an early start.

Had a few hours this afternoon to just sit and relax, so in my quest to fill my sock drawer with new handknit socks by this fall, I started a new pair of socks.

Tickle Me Emo Socks


How much fun is this yarn???  It’s from SeeJaneKnitYarns on Etsy.  I can already tell these will wear great.  Anxious to see the finished socks on my feet!


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