Beginning Lettering

In preparation for moving after I retire from the day job in a few months, the pottery studio is packed away and in storage, which means I have more time for knitting and art.  I’ve always loved words and drawing, so lettering seems a natural choice for exploration.  My research has lead me to both hand lettering and calligraphy.

I had never heard of hand lettering.  Calligraphy, yes, but not hand lettering.  Seeing hand lettered work like this piece by Sean McCabe from got me really excited about checking it out.  It’s much like drawing because you’re drawing the letters instead of forming them using prescribed techniques, as in calligraphy.  This type of lettering makes my heart happy.  I will be watching lots of tutorial videos so I can begin practicing hand lettering.

I spent some time checking out calligraphy styles on Pinterest and actually tried out a few of them.

Beginning lettering

I’m not much on hard and fast rules when it comes to my art, so I don’t want to strictly follow the rules of a particular calligraphy style.  My thinking is to loosely follow a style that I like, using bits and bobs of it to create my own lettering style or two (or three).  I’d better get to the studio and start practicing!


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