My Story

Hi, my name is Sharon Ivy.  My husband, Danny, and I live in the small community of Barefoot Springs, about 30 miles east of Jackson, Mississippi.  We love the quietness and the slow pace of rural living.  It’s the perfect place for creating art and enjoying life.

I feel blessed to have grown up in a family that values handmade items.  Many members of my large extended family are makers – quilters, painters, sewists, and jewelry makers.  Many also are teachers, so it seemed a natural choice for me to teach high school art for a few years.  After the teaching stint, I spent 21 years with the US Postal Service as a clerk, training technician and law enforcement analyst.  During this time, I spent nights and weekends making my stoneware and Raku pottery and selling through my Etsy shop and at local craft shows.

In early 2016 I retired from my day job in order to become a full-time potter.  Danny retired from his job as a heavy equipment operator 3 years before I retired and is using his welding and metalworking skills to make bottle trees and horseshoe art that complements my pottery.  We especially enjoy collaborating on projects and working together in the studio.