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Sister Post

Planning a trip to MS next week to see my baby sister, Melisa, while she’s stateside on R & R.  She’ll be moving from Bangkok, Thailand next month to Tokyo, Japan and it will be awhile before I get to see her again.  Wishing her all the best in her new position in Tokyo.  Can’t wait to see her.

This is a pic of her and her little mini-me, Savannah.  She also has two handsome boys, James and Jordan, who are pretty much out on their own, working and finishing up college.

Melisa and Savannah
Many months ago, middle sister Glenda mentioned she’d like to have a sign painted with a particular quote on it.  I know she thinks I forgot about it, but my reminder to make it has been on my To Do list in my phone all this time.  I finally got around to asking Danny to cut out the board and he helped me sand and distress it a bit.

While waiting for each coat of paint to dry, I printed out the quote on my computer, breaking it down into separate words because I couldn’t figure out how to get my printer to tile it onto just 4 pages.  That’s something I need to work on for future projects.

Anyway, this is the finished sign.  It’s about 24″ x 11″ and has hints of burgundy and brown peeking out from under the sage green paint.  I can’t decide whether or not to put a sealer on it.  I like the rustic look of the matte paint, but she may prefer a more satin finish.  Hope she likes it.

Please excuse the mess



Punch Who?? Punchneedle!

I have had the most fun today working with my new punchneedle and design kit I received for Christmas from my sweet friend and cousin, Donna.  Donna understands my need to be involved in multiple arts and crafts projects at once and she doesn’t think I’m crazy when I get the urge to try something new although I already have 5 other projects going.  She understands cos she’s the same kind of different as me.  🙂

I love primitive, folk art pieces and punchneedle work is at the core of many of those pieces.  Punchneedle likely began with the Egyptians who used hollow bird bones as needles to punch elaborate designs on garments.  Early Europeans also used punchneedle work in the Middle Ages to decorate garments, particularly ecclesiastical panels.  This ancient craft is kept alive in modern times by Russian immigrants who identify with a sect called The Old Believers.  Isn’t that interesting? As you can see, I finished the design portion on my piece and just am beginning the deep red background.




Not sure yet how I’ll complete my first punchneedle project.  Maybe I’ll mount it on some over-dyed wool and make a wallhanging or put it in a neat frame.  I’m already researching other projects and haven’t even finished this one.  Will be another good car project for trips back and forth to MS. Oh, and I finished the Berroco Sox socks I was working on!  The ones I talked about here and here.  They’ve been to MS quite a few times.  I’ll have to post photos after I get them washed and blocked.  Really pleased with how they came out.


Owl Ornament

Check out this little owl ornament I made yesterday.

My daughter, Summer, asked if I could make a retro owl ornament she could use in an ornament swap.  Now that I’ve become a Pinterest-er, I headed there to see what was posted under owl ornaments and was thrilled to find this great owl pattern from Juicy Bits.  Thanks, Jessica at Juicy Bits, for sharing this pattern with your blog readers!

Does This Craft Project Resemble my Mother???

Have gotten a couple loads of pottery thrown and handbuilt in the last couple weeks – angels, bowls, spoonrests, and other misc pieces.  One load has been bisque fired and waxed and the other load is bisque firing now.  Hoping that load will be cool enough to take from the kiln tomorrow night so I can get it waxed and ready to begin glazing.

I know some of you have been waiting an eternity for ANGELS.  Surely hope this group comes from the glaze firing looking heavenly.  Thinking about leaving some of them unglazed and “raw”.  I kinda like the rustic, hand-crafted look.  Below are some that have already flown off to other homes, here, there & everywhere.

Check out this little craft project I’ve been working on while clay was drying and firing.  I’ve begun refurbishing her by adding the bird and wire to her hat and a few beads to her “legs”.  Hey, she’s a ladybug; she has legs, not arms.

Danny & I found this little ladybug lady at a neat store in Leeds AL.  Hate to call it a “junk store”, but it did have some pretty neat “junk”.  Lots of pieces that most people would call ugly, but a creative person would call treasure.  This little lady was in pretty rough shape, but she was only $1.00, so I had to bring her home.

 Besides, Danny said something about her reminded him of my mother.  I think it was the gray hair.  Mind you, he wasn’t saying my mother looks like “junk”.  Just wanted to clear that up…

See if you agree with him, that there is some resemblance.  This is a photo of Mom and her girls. Left to right: oldest girl Sharon (me), baby girl Melisa (with one “s” and pronounced Me-Lisa, not Me-Lissa), middle girl Glenda, and Mom.

So, do YOU think the ladybug lady resembles my mom???

A Tiny Little Quilt

Had to share a photo of my favorite tiny quilt made several years ago by my friend, Donna.  Actually, we’re second cousins by marriage, but more importantly, we’re related through a spirit of creativity.  We could talk for hours about anything remotely resembling a craft of any sort.

This little quilt is only 10″ x 13″ and I’m amazed at how she worked with those itsy-bitsy pieces of fabric and quilted it with her itsy-bitsy stitches.  I can quilt, but I’m not a quilter.  Donna is a quilter; she’s a fabulous quilter.  I wish I had photos of the quilts she’s made.  Maybe I can remember to take my camera next time I visit.