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Basic Norwegian Star Hat

I decided to try out this Basic Norwegian Star Hat‬ pattern by Cara Jo Miller using some big-box-store yarn I had in my stash and I actually am loving it. The name of the yarn is‪ “I Love This Wool‬”. The colors are Umber, Biscuit and Grapevine.

This 100% wool yarn has a surprisingly rustic, earthy feel that appeals to me. I have enough for a couple more hats. Getting ready now to try out another pattern!


Knitting New Socks

We’ve spent the last 3 weekends packing and hauling non-essential items to storage in Mississippi, in preparation for moving home when I retire next February.  While I’m still working full-time, we decided it would be an easier to pack and haul a little along.  We’ve made great progress and now have the Alabama house on the market.  Yep, getting an early start.

Had a few hours this afternoon to just sit and relax, so in my quest to fill my sock drawer with new handknit socks by this fall, I started a new pair of socks.

Tickle Me Emo Socks


How much fun is this yarn???  It’s from SeeJaneKnitYarns on Etsy.  I can already tell these will wear great.  Anxious to see the finished socks on my feet!


Spring Has Arrived

Handknit socks all washed, dried and ready to put away until next fall BECAUSE…

3 Pairs of Socks

Spring has finally come to Alabama!  The blooming trees and bulbs in the business park where I work have really been putting on a show and they smell delightful as I walk from the parking lot into the building.  I was really sad that rain was pouring down when I left work yesterday because it already had knocked many of the tree blossoms to the ground.  I’m thinking things will look very different when I go to work on Monday, but it’s been delightful while it lasted.



Socks Are A-Soakin’

Finished 3 pairs of socks since Christmas!  Yay!  Granted, one pair was a “found” WIP (Work In Progress, for you non-knitters) I came across while cleaning out my yarn stash.  Both socks for that pair had been almost completed when I realized the foot portions were too short and I abandoned them instead of frogging (ripping out) the toe stitches and adding some rows.

Thankfully, they were cuff down socks, which I rarely make, so the fix was easy once I picked them back up and finished them.  I love them!  So glad I found them and spent the time to fix them.

Opal 2150 Socks Finished


Now, all 3 pairs are having a soak in warm water and wool wash so they can be clean and ready to wear.  I love the smell of wet wool and wool wash.

Soaking Socks


Now, to decide whether to start another pair of socks or some other project…

Knitting Along on Socks

Making progress on the socks I had started in this blog post.  Just another inch or so on the cuff of this one, then to finish the cuff on the other one.  I knit on both socks as I go along, on separate needles.  That way, when the first one is finished, the second one is nearly done, too.  No second sock syndrome!

Socks - Wonder Sock Yarn


This yarn is a pleasure to work with.  It’s fun to see how the colors interact with those in the row below as you knit.  Best of all, these socks feel scrumptious!

Sock Knitting

So happy to have finished my Blue Stripe Ragg (Patons Kroy yarn)!   Perfect fit using the Flsh Lips Kiss heel.  This was my first time using this heel and it’s awesome.

Blue Stripe Ragg Socks - Patons Kroy

So, what do you do after you finish a pair of socks?  Why you start on another pair, of course!  For these I’m using Gale’s Art Wonder Sock Yarn in “The Big O” colorway.  It feels scrumptious and the colors are gorgeous.  Now I wish I could just sit all day and knit on these socks.

Socks - Gale's Art Yarn (1)No knitting all day today, though.  Must get to the pottery studio and work on more pieces for the Etsy shop.  Put a bisque load of yarn bowls in the kiln this morning.  Time to get back to the wheel!



Potato Soup Time

Boy am I enjoying my time off work this week!  Finally got in some knitting.  Got past the heels on my socks and am working on the cuffs.  I can’t wait to have more time to knit after I retire.  I know my days will fill up with other projects, but knitting will be high on my must-do list.

Made a pot of potato soup this morning and let it simmer while I was knitting.  Nothing better than a pot of homemade soup on the stove while you’re making handknit socks!  I love it!

Potato Soup

I don’t have a specific recipe for potato soup.  I make it differently every time, depending on what I have on hand.  If you’re interested, this is what I put in it this morning.  Sorry, I have no idea on the amounts of most of the ingredients.


Dice 7-8 potatoes and cook them 8-10 min in the microwave while prepping the stock.

In the soup pot, saute chopped onion, celery, carrots, red bell pepper, and mushrooms in olive oil for 2-3 minutes.  Add butter and a little chicken broth to the mixture, then a couple tablespoons flour (I use self-rising) and let it cook a bit, like making a roux or gravy.  Stir in more chicken broth, gradually.  Add milk and a slice of raw bacon, salt and pepper.  Add the potatoes and let simmer for 30 minutes or an hour so the potatoes have time to soak up the flavors in the stock.  Garnish with green onions, cheese, crispy bacon.  Even more delicious when served with fresh baked crusty bread.  Yum!

That’s it, folks!


Time to Re-Stock!

Wow, the holiday shoppers nearly wiped out my Etsy store!  What a great feeling.  I hope the gift recipients are all enjoying their handmade pottery.

I’ll be taking a bit of a break to recoup from the Christmas rush and to gear up for the  upcoming year, but by the end of January, I should have the shop re-stocked, especially with mugs and with yarn bowls like these:

Yarn Bowl Collage

New Heel for Handknit Socks

I am loving this new heel for my handknit socks.  It’s called the Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist and the instructions can be purchased here, on Ravelry.

It’s a strange looking heel before it’s blocked, but it fits my foot wonderfully.  I’ll post more photos once both socks are complete and I can show them on my feet.  I’m so excited to finish these.

First FLK Heel

This is my first time to use Patons Kroy Socks yarn.  I’ve seen some very good reviews on this yarn and I’m hoping it lives up to the hype because I can buy this yarn locally.  I really like the way it’s looking and hope it washes and wears well, too.  The colorway is Blue Striped Ragg, knitted on size 1 needles.

I like knitting my socks simultaneously, to help match them up, however I don’t like them to be TOO matchy-matchy.  I started the second sock so it starts on a different colored stripe than the first sock.  They’ll go together, but not match.  Is there a term for that?  I wish I knew.

Socks - Patons Kroy