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40 Years and Counting

We made it to the big 4-0 today!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Danny & me!

D&S in Smokies

WAY back in 1972 we dreamed of a new life together, with kids and grandkids, some land and a house.  Now, in 2012, we dream of retirement and time to enjoy the kids and grandkids and the garden on the land and the get-togethers in the house.  So many good times we’ve had and SO many yet to be.  What a wonderful life…..

To My Children’s Daddy


So many things you do well:

From grinding glass…

Danny Grinding

to balling clay.


From making deer tail brushes…

Making brushes 5

to making bottle trees.


But the thing you do best is being an awesome daddy to our children and for that I will love you forever and a day.



Back Home and Catching Up

Made it back to Alabama last night after a week in Mississippi for Christmas.  Lots of visiting and eating and running around, some grocery shopping and cooking, then some babysitting with our little 22-mo-old Jude who had his tonsils removed last Tuesday.  He came through like a trooper.  A typical whirlwind holiday visit, as I’m sure lots of you experienced, too.

Had the kids and grandkids over for lunch on Christmas Eve.  Was wonderful to see them all and have time to visit without someone needing to run off in a different direction.  Those grandkids are growing like weeds.  In case I haven’t mentioned it, I have the best kids and grandkids in the whole wide world!  Love all my babies.

Spent Christmas Day with Danny’s family at his sister’s house.  We grazed all afternoon, even after consuming way too much at the noon meal.  Phil pulled out the VCR and we watched some old VHS tapes, trying to determine if we had something that needs to be put onto DVDs.  Some good memories shared, some laughs and some tears.  Thanks, Brenda and Phil, for allowing the gang to congregate at your house on holidays!

Visited my side of the family the Monday after Christmas and was glad to see my sister, Melisa (who was visiting from Thailand), and her 3 kids.  Her oldest son, James, gave me (GAVE me, for FREE) his Wacom Bamboo tablet that he was no longer using.  Awesome!  Can’t wait to play with it.

My mom was feeling a bit under the weather and is scheduled for some GI tests next Tuesday.  Hoping the doctor will find the problem and have her on the mend in short order.  Odd to see her puny as she’s usually a bundle of energy, never still.

Spent the day today catching up on business odds and ends.  Got the Etsy shop activated again, albeit with VERY few pieces of pottery.  Updated the business cards to include Danny’s name and printed new ones.  Completed an application and printed some photos for a juried craft show that will be held at Tannehill State Park, just a mile from our house, next September.  If we’re accepted, we’ll have to do some research on what is needed to set up at an outdoor show and work like crazy to get some inventory built up.

So looking forward to 2012!  Can already hear the neighbor kids shooting fireworks, readying to welcome the New Year.  Our sweet little next-door neighbor girl came by earlier to ask if we would be disturbed if they shot fireworks tonight at their New Year’s Eve party.  Why certainly not!  We all need a few fireworks in our life, right?

Lennon’s Gift to Grammy

My granddaughter, Lennon, is 9.  She is the oldest and the only girl out of five grandkids.  This photo is a couple years old, but it’s so like her, always smiling and happy.

Last time I was home in Mississippi, Lennon gave me an early Christmas present – a tray to use on my desk in my studio.

It’s one of those styrofoam meat trays, covered in cut up pieces of a map.  She explained that since I work for the Postal Service, the map made her think of me.

As soon as I get back to Alabama after Christmas, I’ll be Mod Podge-ing her sweet note to the back of the tray, rag-tags and all, so I can have the tray and the note together.


Then I will make good use of my little tray in my studio and I will smile every time I see it.  These are the very BEST gifts, don’t you think?

Wishing all my friends and family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for the coming new year.

God bless.

Christmas is a-Comin!

The end of another busy, busy weekend.  Have kept the Post Office hoppin’ the last 2 weeks shipping pottery all over the country.  Yay!  My first “real” Christmas season actively promoting and selling my pottery and I’m encouraged by the positive responses from customers and excited about inquiries regarding future orders.  Couldn’t have done it without my favorite studio helper, Danny, who prepared clay and did all sorts of chores around the studio and the house to give me time to make and market pots.  The boy even learned to make cornbread and I’m here to tell ya, it was GOOD! I’ve tried not to work Danny TOO hard.  He did take a couple breaks to sit in his recliner and pick out some pecans his sweet sister, Brenda, gave us.  Mind you, these were pecans already gathered and cracked.  How wonderful is that?  We’ve really been enjoying them the last several days.

I’ve decided I’ll be exploring canisters and teapots in the coming year.  This little fella sold today and I kinda hated to see it go.  Something about it just sits well with me.  All the reason to make more, I say.

Have plans also to delve into the mystical world of glaze development and come up with a few glazes of my own, particularly something in a nice red, that elusive color that so often escapes potters who fire in electric kilns.  Reds often require firing in a reduction atmosphere, such as in a gas kiln, not the oxygen-rich atmosphere of an electric kiln. Have explored this a bit already and have been bitten by the bug.  Playing with all sorts of raw materials and seeing how they react with each other just appeals to me.  I always liked science anyway, so a good way to combine science and craft.  Will have to throw a little math in there, percentages and conversions, but that’s where Danny comes in – he does the math, I do the craft.  That’s why we’re a team!



We had a wonderful time in Mississippi over the Thanksgiving holidays. For the first time in awhile, we were able to spend quite a bit of time with the kids and the grandkids, which was nice. It’s never enough, but we take what we can get. I’m not the greatest at taking photos while we all are together.  Aside from the fact that my little ones (5 grandkids) seldom are still long enough to even snap a digital photo (with the inevitable delay), seems I’m always busy either preparing food or eating or washing dishes during the holiday get-togethers.  I must really get better at stopping to take photos before they’re all grown up and I’ve missed the opportunity. This is one photo I sneaked in on one of our many trips across the pasture with the 4 grand-boys.  Bascom and Jude walked back home holding hands.  So sweet.

Bascom and Jude, Buddies

The grandkids have gotten old enough now that they prefer walking across the pasture to staying in the back yard.  Danny’s shed where he keeps his tractor, trailer, lawnmower and utility vehicle is on the other side of the pasture and they love to play there.  I think just the walk over is an adventure, too, and they are no sooner back to the house than they are turning around and walking back to the shed.  The 4 older kids can make the treks with no adult supervision, but when little Jude, who is 21 months, wants to follow, one of the adults must tag along.  Suffice it to say, Grammy walked off every pound gained by the consumption of those 2 huge Thanksgiving feasts she ate.  Yes, she was one tired Grammy, but a happy one knowing that her little family enjoys so much just being together.

Dancin’ in the Studio

Danny and I have been dancin’ in the studio.

No, not that kind of dancing!

The kind of dancing that comes from being married 39 years; so many years that we now anticipate each other’s actions and synchronize our own moves in perfect rhythm.

The kind of dancing that requires no music, no words, no special shoes nor costumes. A dance of oneness.


Fall Has Fallen

Only a short time ago we were saying “Spring has sprung” and now there’s evidence all around that “Fall has fallen”.  The maples here in Birmingham AL are really showing out with their neon-like golds and reds.

I really must learn to keep my camera with me for times like these when the camera phone just doesn’t capture the beauty.