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The Naked Peacock

On my way to the pottery studio I stopped by Danny’s worktable to see what his latest project was and found all these peacock tails and feet.


As I turned to head on to the studio, I saw this sassy fellow sitting in Danny’s favorite workshop chair.

A naked peacock was sitting in my honey’s chair.


Well, here he is in all his glory.  Quite an improvement, I think.

No more naked peacocks in the workshop.


Turning Out Bottle Trees

Danny’s bottle tree factory is in production mode.  I came out of the studio to find these lined up on the driveway.


We finally got the opportunity to rent the booth beside us at Tannehill Trade Days, so we now have room for displaying the bottle trees.

This also gives us room for more horseshoe art –


and we’ll be able to properly display Danny’s larger photo frames –


Bring the family and browse all the booths at Tannehill this coming weekend, April 20-21, 8-4!


Bottle Trees and Bird Houses

We’ve been working on some new items the last couple weeks – bottle trees and bird houses and bird feeders.  Experimenting with shapes and engineering on them all, trying to get the right mix of aesthetics and functionality. Danny has gotten back into working with metal and is trying out new projects.  I’m thrilled and am trying not to inundate him with new things to try, but my brain is filled with ideas.  At the moment, he’s working on bottle trees and bottle bushes.  I love bottle trees and the way the bottles glisten in the sun. So far, Danny has either sold or given away all the trees he’s made before I could get good photos.  This is one he made yesterday.  It’s about 5.5′ tall after it’s put into the ground.  Actually, I kinda like the way it looks without bottles, too!  I had to grab a photo in the garage before daylight this morning.




We also have been experimenting with ceramic bird houses and feeders.  I threw these on the wheel and Danny added the hardware and perches.  He had them hanging on a stand he made when I got home last night and I thought they looked pretty neat.  I’ll be researching more on what suits different types of birds and such, but was pleased with these as a starting point.


Bird Houses and Feeders


We’ll have our new projects in our booth at Woodstock Festival Art Center’s Market Day tomorrow, May 12, and at Tannehill Trade Days next Saturday & Sunday, May 19 & 20.  Come on out and see us!