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Feather and Flower Seeds

Have been wanting to paint a feather, so I played around with this shape and added some graphic elements. The page looked bare, so I dug through my ephemera stash and found this handmade seeded paper that had just the right colors in it and I glued it to my page. Guess I’ll never know now what kind of flower seeds were in that paper…



Back to My Sketchbook

I want to work more in my sketchbooks this year and found this partially used mixed media sketchbook when I was unpacking a few of my art supplies.  The paper isn’t the best, but it will take watercolor and marker without bleeding through, so I’ll use it to do some doodling and designs.

2016 Journal IMG_0936_edited-1

I sketched sections of this design in pencil using HB lead in a Staedtler lead holder.  LOVE my Staedtler lead holders. I keep HB lead in one and 2B lead in the other.

Tokens IMG_0968_edited-1

With the sketch finished, Winsor & Newton pan watercolors were used to lay in the color.  This is my favorite watercolor palette, the Martin Mijello airtight palette.

SIPP Logo with watercolors_edited-1

The watercolors were allowed to dry, then Pigma Micron markers in sizes 05 and 1 were used to emphasize the lines.


Dry Brushing Raku Jewlery

When firing Raku, we have many pieces that just don’t come out as planned, especially with the jewelry pieces.  Because jewelry pieces are small and we fire so many pieces per firing, when there is a bad firing, that means many bad pieces.  I think even the bad pieces still have something interesting about them, so I’ve been trying to think of a way to make these pieces more appealing and beautiful.

Raku misfire

Many years ago my mom showed me how to dry brush ceramic Old World Santas using acrylic craft paints.  I loved this technique and decided to try a version of it on the misfired Raku pieces.  I had nothing to lose and already had acrylic paint, so I pulled out my paints and brushes and set to work.

Because the pieces were already very dark brown and black, I didn’t need the usual coat of dark undercoating used in traditional dry brush work.  These pieces went from being totally black/brown to coming to life with color with just a few swipes of the brush.

Raku redone

Pretty neat and lots of fun.  I think I’ll do more!


On a Painting Tangent

Taking a break from pottery today to attend Kellie Newsome’s one-day Vibrant Portraits Workshop at Alabama Art Supply.


It has been years since I painted.  Not at all sure why I haven’t gotten back to it before now.  One day I stashed away my brushes and palette knives and paints and my water buckets and palettes and papers and canvases, thinking at the time that I would be right back in a day or two to begin again.

Now, 25 years later, I’m wondering where the time has gone and why I haven’t, before now, caved to my yearnings to return to my brushes.  Life happens, I suppose, and I can only say that mine has been filled with love and joy and blessings beyond measure. No complaints here.

So I take a little trek off the beaten path today to attend what looks to be a fun and color-filled workshop. Looking forward to the smells of paint and to the camaraderie of fellow artists who, perhaps like me, have been away too long.  Will be a fun day with or without a finished product.  It’s the journey, you know, that counts.