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Handmade Buttons

I love handmade buttons.

I love the subtle differences in each button and knowing that an artist/craftsperson created each one.  Handmade items deserve handmade buttons.

As a knitter and a seamstress (sewer?  sewist?) for the better part of my life, I know how hard it is to find those perfect buttons for your latest handmade creation.  One day a friend suggested I make buttons from the clay I use for making pots.  Lightbulb moment!  Danny thought it was a good idea, too, and would be something he could do since he doesn’t work on the wheel.

We’ve surely enjoyed exploring different textures and glazes.  Making buttons is so much different than making mugs and casseroles.  These are some of the leaf buttons we just pulled from the kiln.  I’ve listed some in the Etsy shop.  Hope you’ll check them out!


Handmade Buttons - Sharon Ivy



Coasters From Recycled Sweaters

Making coasters today from some wool sweaters I picked up over the last several months at estate sales.



I felted the sweaters in the washing machine by running them through a couple cycles of hot water with some laundry detergent, then drying them on a cotton setting in the dryer. The result is some awesome fabric that won’t ravel when cut and that provides a perfect barrier between your cup o’ joe and the surface you rest it on. A perfect material to work with, I say!

Carolyn’s Handmade Gifts

My Aunt Carolyn has been sewing clothes for herself, her 4 daughters, and her grandchildren for as long as I can remember.  Although her daughters are now grown and her grandchildren are no longer “little ones”, she continues to sew the cutest outfits and all sorts of other items from purses to blankets.

I pulled a few photos from Aunt Carolyn’s Facebook page to post here.  Check out these and all her handmade gifts.  She’s on Facebook as Carolyn Merchant Lawrence.

Christmas Jumper with Pants
Fall Jumper with Pants
another Christmas Jumper with Pants
If you can dream it, Aunt Carolyn can sew it.
She’d love to help with your Christmas gift-giving!

A Tiny Little Quilt

Had to share a photo of my favorite tiny quilt made several years ago by my friend, Donna.  Actually, we’re second cousins by marriage, but more importantly, we’re related through a spirit of creativity.  We could talk for hours about anything remotely resembling a craft of any sort.

This little quilt is only 10″ x 13″ and I’m amazed at how she worked with those itsy-bitsy pieces of fabric and quilted it with her itsy-bitsy stitches.  I can quilt, but I’m not a quilter.  Donna is a quilter; she’s a fabulous quilter.  I wish I had photos of the quilts she’s made.  Maybe I can remember to take my camera next time I visit.