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Festival in the Pines

We had a wonderful time this weekend vending at Festival in the Pines at Tannehill State Park, McCalla AL, about 1.5 miles from our house!  Nothing like doing a show “right down the road”.


                       The early morning light breaks beautifully through the tall Tannehill pines.

First order of business, set out the chocolate!


                        Friendly little ghosts amongst the pumpkins, watching over the chocolate.

 One corner set up; only 3 more to go…

Festival in the Pines

        These old fruit crates I found at Trade Days last weekend are perfect for displaying my mugs

I’m not sure if this was the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd arrangement, but the booth changed all during the weekend as pieces were purchased (Yay!) and I moved things around to fill in the bare spots.  One of the lidded casseroles was purchased by a lovely gentlemen from Israel who asked if we could wrap it well in bubble wrap so it would withstand the plane ride home.  And I pulled 2 mugs to mail to a customer in Gibraltar.  How exciting to think that pieces we make are being loved and used all over the world.


                        One of the ever changing arrangements over the course of the weekend

So, I forgot to print out a sign for the personalized mugs before I left home.  Made do with a handwritten one.  Customers didn’t seem to mind.


                                                   The personalized mugs were a big hit!

We met some incredible fellow artists and craftsmen this weekend.  Hope this will be the beginning of some long-term friendships as we run into them at future shows.  The goods are on display, but the people are what make a show a success.  So looking forward to the 2013 Festival in the Pines next September 27-29!


My Little Teapot is Gone!

Happy…sad…no, happy to have sold my little bird teapot today at the Black Creek Arts Festival in Fultondale AL. Sad that I didn’t have a chance to get a good photo after it was glazed.  Will have to settle for this iPhone photo hastily snapped in low light conditions after we got the booth set up.


Teapot with bird lid


Happy that it went to a very nice young man who wanted to add it to his collection of pottery. Sad to let it go. Happy that it went to someone who would appreciate it and enjoy it. It’s often hard to see your babies go.

Tannehill Trade Days

A really nice weekend selling pottery at Tannehill State Park’s Trade Days this weekend.  Our first “official” outdoor show, so we gained experience in setting up a canopy and an outdoor booth.

We learned only a few days before the event that there was an available booth and we didn’t even have a canopy, so there was a mad rush of online shopping for a reasonably priced, well-made canopy that could be shipped to arrive within 3 days.  Found just what we needed at Hut Shop in Memphis TN.  We ordered an EZ UP on Tuesday and it arrived at our house on Thursday.  What great service!  And the 600 denier canvas and zip-up sides came in really handy when we had rain on Saturday and strong wind gusts on Sunday. We were really pleased with our EZ UP.  You can’t see much of the canopy in this shot, but this was our quickly thrown together booth.



Other than pottery, we sold one of Danny’s bottle trees he’s been experimenting with.  It was smaller than the one on the left side of the booth photo.  Actually, it was short enough that we called it a bottle “bush” instead of a tree.  It definitely caught a lot of attention from the folks walking by.  The one in the photo is about 4′ tall and 4′ wide.  Love the shape of it.  It had lots of admirers, too, but I think most of them couldn’t figure out how to get it home!  Those of us who have pickup trucks take them for granted sometimes!

We were amazed at how many women tried to buy the displays we were using, like the little wooden cabinet sitting on the table on the right side of the photo.  We picked it up at an estate sale for $10 just to use in our booth and folks kept asking how much it was.  I was using it to display pottery and to hold my business cards and credit card placard.  Folks also kept trying to buy my little wooden tables I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby and the metal casserole racks I had the larger serving bowls sitting in.  Guess before the next show I’ll be adding stickers saying, “Display not for sale”!

For those of you who do outdoor shows, thought you may be interested in seeing the hanging weights Danny and I made for the corners of the canopy.  They worked out really well.



4″ PVC pipe, 30″ long, filled with Quikcrete. Caps glued onto both ends. An eye bolt in one end for hanging and a square u-bolt for a handle. You must drill a small hole in the bottom cap before gluing it on to allow air to escape while you’re pushing it onto the pipe. Didn’t weigh them, but Danny thinks they weigh about 35 lbs ea.  They worked great!

Better head to bed so I can stay awake at my “real” job tomorrow.  Really tired, but it’s that good kind of tired that comes from working hard at something you love.  Ready for another weekend and this one isn’t even officially over yet!