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The Mac is Back

Whew!  The Mac is back and we’re back on track.  I’ve almost recovered from my first hard drive crash.  Thank you Carbonite!  Still have tons of photos to download, but was waiting to get my UVerse service up and running because my DSL kept having hiccups right in the middle of a download.  Now, crossing my fingers & toes that the UVerse will be a better vehicle for downloading photo files.

Just returned from a 4-day trip home to MS.  Mom cooked us some good ole MS-grown vegetables.  Was good to see her doing well, waiting on the rain to stop and the weather to warm up.  Danny got a good report from his cardiologist.  Was wonderful seeing our son, Chance, and his beautiful wife, Sara.  The 2 grandsons seem to have grown a foot since we saw them last.  Hope to soon go to AR to see the other three grandkids and daughter, Summer, and her awesome hubby, Phillip.  We’re so blessed.

So ready to get back in the studio.  Will be hard to go back to the “other” job in the morning.  Love my job, but I’d rather be making pottery!  Monday isn’t even here yet and I’m ready for next weekend.  I’ve been experimenting with casserole lid handles.  This is one from the last batch:


photo (5)

I also have been doing some carving into some of my tiny bud vases.  These are carved and ready for the drying rack:


photo (4)

Looooving my new Shimpo banding wheel I picked up at Atlanta Clay on my last supply run.  Used it several times already.  Really want to try it out with some face jugs once I work up the courage.


photo (1)

Next adventure – RAKU!  More about that in a later post.  The excitement is mounting!