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Sock Knitting

So happy to have finished my Blue Stripe Ragg (Patons Kroy yarn)!   Perfect fit using the Flsh Lips Kiss heel.  This was my first time using this heel and it’s awesome.

Blue Stripe Ragg Socks - Patons Kroy

So, what do you do after you finish a pair of socks?  Why you start on another pair, of course!  For these I’m using Gale’s Art Wonder Sock Yarn in “The Big O” colorway.  It feels scrumptious and the colors are gorgeous.  Now I wish I could just sit all day and knit on these socks.

Socks - Gale's Art Yarn (1)No knitting all day today, though.  Must get to the pottery studio and work on more pieces for the Etsy shop.  Put a bisque load of yarn bowls in the kiln this morning.  Time to get back to the wheel!



Time to Re-Stock!

Wow, the holiday shoppers nearly wiped out my Etsy store!  What a great feeling.  I hope the gift recipients are all enjoying their handmade pottery.

I’ll be taking a bit of a break to recoup from the Christmas rush and to gear up for the  upcoming year, but by the end of January, I should have the shop re-stocked, especially with mugs and with yarn bowls like these:

Yarn Bowl Collage

Do you have this in blue?

Seems no matter what color I glaze a piece, at some point someone asks, “Do you have this in blue?”.  I’ve come to believe that blue is the universal favorite color, so I mixed up this recipe for Variegated Slate Blue from Mastering Cone 6 Glazes and here are the results.  I love it!

Slate Blue Collage
So now I can answer that blue question with, “Why yes, yes I DO have that in blue.”.  More blue experiments to come.


Beads and Pendants = Fun!

We are having a blast making clay beads and pendants.  Had a great time last weekend at Beadapalooza and sold lots of Jewelry components, but we still have LOTS left.  I’ll be posting some of the beads and pendants to the Etsy shop over the next several days.

Pendant Collage

For now, spending the holiday weekend getting some mugs and other functional pieces ready for holiday shoppers.  The Etsy shop is getting bare!


Baffled by Copper Matte

The beautiful colors once obtained with our copper matte raku glaze eluded us in the last few firings we did before winter weather set in.  Then, in the first firing of the spring, we were blessed with these:

IMG_0177_edited-1 IMG_0182_edited-1


We fired, glazed and reduced the same way we always have.  Same glaze we used last fall, not a new batch.  Who knows?  Maybe the wind was just blowing the right way this time.  Regardless, this was a nice start to the 2014 raku firing season.